Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Fun

Sneak peek of Matty Moo's costume! Sneak peek of my costume. I am SO cool - like Uncle Matt and Jack's dad - REAL firemen!
Matty loves to sit at the big table!

Sissy thinks it is pretty cool too! Both of them got their hair cut this past weekend. Dad shaved Moo Moo's head and mom layered Sissy's hair (whatever that means!)

I'm showing Sissy how to play cars. I LOVE my fire hat. I got this one from the Tolleson Fire Department. We saw them at Costco and they let me on their truck and gave us all hats!

Crouching Tigers!

Just back from church. We went to watch daddy drum on stage - isn't that SO cool? After Bible School I get to run around on stage with "my jack" - the bass player's kid. Matt and Addie must have been bad in their Bible school... they came home with ankle braclets on... I think they are on house arrest!
Here's Missy Mae all ready for a shopping day with Auntie Chris and Mommy. Matty and I got to stay home with Dad! It was SO cool!
Sometimes eating can really wear a guy out!

We got a cool box in the mail and mom made me a garage... it wasn't exactly my size!
But I squeezed in anyways! Sorry the "s" is so weird - mom's just learning her letters!
Here's a sneak peek of Addie in her costume... she is a Stinker so mom put her in my costume from last year!

Matty Moo felt left out. Addie had her costume before ours came - so mom let him try it on! He makes pretty cute stinker too! And check out that walking - like a pro!

That girl can NOT stay out of my cars! MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! DADDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! Anyone?

Hello! A little technical help here... does anyone know how to delete pics? I got the WRONG one! And that is a bucket - NOT a purse!

This was our first trip to Bible School while mom went to this thing called Kate's Cup... She LOVES to go which is awesome because we get to play with kids our own age - not that we don't love to play with you mom - but you're old! Anyways - she raves about how TABLE SEVEN is the best EVER! She sits with Cousin Merry and 10 other new friends. It's good for her to get out and learn some social skills... (maybe it will help her lighten up on the time out and sharing stuff too!
Anyways - we've missed hearing from all of you! We'd love to see pics, get some e-mails or whatever... And Belle - I LOVE it when you send us pictures that you colored... man, you are really good! Tell Libby we love her pics too!

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