Thursday, October 30, 2008

Walks to the Park!

It is FINALLY getting nice here again so mom got out our mack daddy stroller and has started pushing us for rides to the park! Looks like we fill it out WAY better than last year! Mom is such a wimp - she complains about all the weight. The stroller is only 60 lbs... Addie is STILL shy of 20lbs... Matty Moo is about 27lbs... and I am only 36lbs now... That's only 143 lbs to push. What a WIMP!
Moo Moo LOVES to go for walks. He is always all smiles!

Crazy Addie can't keep still. Think that is why she weighs what she does. She out eats Matt every time but she is the tiniest of us all! I wish you could see her shirt - it says, "you're NOT the boss of me"... Oh Yah?

I really HATE coming back home. I just want to stay outside and play all day!

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