Monday, November 3, 2008

A Trip To the Zoo

Finally! Pics of my Zoo trip - only 2 weeks late! On a lazy Sunday - Mom, Dad, Matt, Addie & I met up with Gram at the Zoo... Papa was on his way home from Pine Top or he would have been here too!
Addie was more into her Apple Juice than the animals at first!
Moo Moo has a worried look! We started in the snake area and I think he was a little afraid of the rattlers....
I LOVE to look at all the animals! This one was HUGE - it was taller than my dog!
Even though it's October - it was REALLY hot and REALLY sunny. I had to borrow my dad's shades to keep the sun out of my eyes!
These are our new white Rhinos at our zoo... they were pretty stinky!
This monkey wanted to say hello! He was kinda grumpy... Could someone get this guy a banana?
Nothing like strolling through the park with your dad and your gram!
Here's Missy Mae... She was pretty lively as we stopped for a snack... I think she could have her own habitat here! She would need plenty of trees to climb!
By the time we stopped for a snack - Moo Moo was so OVER the zoo! Lighten up Matty - someday you will get to walk and eat all the yummy stuff too!
This was my favorite part of the WHOLE day... while we were snacking - I got to see my all time favorite things ever! AIRPLANES! I guess the zoo is close to the airport... we saw tons and tons of airplanes!
We wrapped it up with a trip to Harmony Farm... I got to pet all the animals... I think this one was named Billy.I liked this one too - but dad told me when they raise their tail - it is time to move on...
Here's me and my mom by a REAL John Deere Tractor! I would have much rather been looking at the tractor than at a camera - sorry mom!

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