Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cousin Drew's Party!

This is our cousin Drew and he turned 11! We had a surprise family party here at my house for him! This is Drew and Moo Moo. Moo didn't have any smiles because he found out that there were no presents for him! Here's the cool cupcake tower we had for him. We had a Star Wars theme too! Mom let me help put the sprinkles on the cupcakes... It is SO much fun to get wild with them. It makes mom a little crazy because she has to pick them up for hours after.

I got to help with the decorations too! But, mom made me get down off the chair - she was standing on it!

This is the sign that I made for Drew all by myself. Well, except for the computer part, oh yah, and the cutting part... and the taping part.... BUT I colored it!

Here's Drew playing with Addie. She likes to growl at her baby "Ally" and then kiss her!

I love Drew so much that I will give him kisses... is this another photo that I am going to regret later?

Addie loves to play hide and seek with Auntie Wendy! She just laughs and then runs away and then charges at Auntie Wendy and laughs all over again!

Here's Sissy and "NaNa Na" as Addie calls her! Watch out Nana, she looks sweet but has a nasty bite!
Papa, Nana and Buggie girl! Addie looks like she is cooking something up! Hmmm... let's see, what should I ask them for NOW?

Check out that number! Wow - I can't wait until I'm 11~

We ended the night with some good ole fashioned wrestling! I LOVE MY COUSIN!

** On a side note... mom has been pretty busy so my posts are a little late. There will be quite a few of them in the next couple of days!

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