Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Days...

Nothing's better than a lazy summer day!

Well, OK - just kidding... there's no LAZY over at our house! There is only wild playing!!!

Here's proof that I try to be a good big brother SOMETIMES... please notice that my baby brother is about to take a BITE out of my hand...

Once he saw that I didn't have anything up my sleeve - he actually let me kiss him... why does it look like he is cowering away?

A rare moment where Missy Mae is actually sitting still! She's reading my tractor book... Matt and I are determined to make her a cool girl!

Those eyes are the reason she can get away with ANYTHING with dad!

Here's Matty Moo supervising the clean up process.... he only thinks he's getting away with this!

Now, where in the world did sissy hide my race car?

Ahhhh, found it!
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