Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Nana...

You're HOW OLD?!? Wow, I thought nana's were like 100 or something! You are young nana! Now, back off my cupcake!
Matty Moo really, really, liked the cupcakes too! My mom and I made them from scratch. I got to read the directions to my mom and she did all the mixing. Mom laughed at me when I was reading the directions. I got a little confused and told her that the Bible says to add two french fries... when she asked me - "the Bible or the cookbook?" I said - "the Bible mom - it knows everything!"

Here's Bri and her cupcake... she probably won't like this picture - she started high school now and is all about impressing the guys!

Drew was shocked that I helped with the cupcakes. I promise I didn't like the spoon or bowl. Well, maybe I did BUT it was when we were cleaning up!

Matty Moo loves Papa but think he was a little worried that Papa was going in for his cupcake!

Sissy is nicer - she shared her cupcake with Papa!

I was pretty excited that Nana loved her rocking chair and cupcakes we brought for her!

Here is Nana trying out her new rocker with a VERY squirmy Addie... All Addie wanted to do was get down and play!

Here's the birthday girl with all five grand kids! (L - R) Addie, Andrew, Nana, Me, Bri and Matty Moo!

And, last but not least - here is a little video Moo Moo made for Nana's birthday!

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