Monday, August 3, 2009

Buckets of Fun!

We had another fun day with our buckets this weekend! Here's Moo and I in a non-fighting moment. Mom should frame this so she remembers what it is like!

Mom thought we were being cute but as soon as she takes out that camera - we all hide! We are SO sick of all the pics! Well, except for Moo - he LOVES to smile for the camera - he is the TOTAL baby of the family!

Mom was bound and determined to get a pic of the three of us together - ALL looking and possibly smiling at the camera - GOOD LUCK!

When one was up the others were down... Moo was getting so mad at Addie and I he just threw his hands up!

Mom just kept snapping and snapping and got this pic! Promise she didn't work any of her Photoshop magic to get us all looking in the same pic! She did play with the colors a little though! Phew - it's hard being this cute!

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