Sunday, August 30, 2009

Early Birthday....

Imagine my surprise when I got up from my nap yesterday to see ....

Matty Moo at a new kitchen in our playroom! Whoo Hoo! The twins got a kitchen from Gram and Papa for their second birthday! The biggest surprise was that it is about two weeks early!

Mom and Dad let Matty and Addie play with it for a while before I got my hands on it... to be fair. I guess it is their gift... Matty was showing me all the buttons and how to work the microwave....

Guess he doesn't really trust me too much... he kept his hand on me the whole time we played!

It's fun to make microwave popcorn with my brother! He wanted to make the pizza rolls but I was in control!

My mom said this was typical of a boy! Hugging my favorite part - the frig!

First thing we did today after breakfast was play with our kitchen! It is SO much fun.

Sissy literally had to drag me away from the frig!

Here's sissy making hot wheels soup! Man, she is a great cook!

OH NO! Looks like we have a rat problem in the kitchen! I will have to take care of this as soon as possible!

My mom says that I must have gotten the cart tipping gene from my dad! Watch out Cousin Avery or I could give you a matching scar!

We took some time out to have a little dance contest... sissy won fair and square - Little Miss Thang can dance!

Matty Moo is SUCH a talker... he takes after our dad... ha ha... just kidding ... he takes after our mom!

Matty was having trouble getting his Hummer hatch open so sissy tried to lend a hand....

Well, we have too much to play with for me to spend all day on the computer... Mom has some more pics and some new videos that will be posted soon! AND~ we may be visiting our Auntie Ally in Sedona really soon - so watch for some great pics from Sedona!

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K-Mama said...

GREAT pics, Lees! That kitchen is awesome--and HUGE! So fun. I would've peed my pants to get that as a little kid...I had a Hugga Bunch Kids kitchen (do you remember them? So 80s...) and a cardboard box made into a fridge. I thought I had it made, but man--THIS is a kitchen! Glad you're all feeling better...would like to hear about that "cocktail" you discovered that cured everyone so fast. I'm sure I'll be needing one of those this winter...