Monday, November 3, 2008

Trick or Treat?

Well, I have to back up a little bit before I tell you about my Halloween Festival to explain my pumpkin. I was supposed to pick out a pumpkin for a decorating party at Jack's house... but dad and I got the stomach flu the night before we were supposed to go. I had picked out the PERFECT pumpkin and mom had gotten me some really cool foam stickers to share too! (Mom said that there was NO way I was carving a pumpkin - something about her liking all 10 fingers God gave me...)
So, after I was feeling better - mom let me decorate my pumpkin! It was SO fun.
I wanted it to be a fire pumpkin - so I let it borrow my hat!
Here's where we get to Halloween! So, my mom did this brilliant thing and booked all three of us flu shots on Halloween... talk about trick! But, it ended up pretty cool because after we got our shots, we hung out with Nana all day long... We ran into this fire truck when we stopped to get some lunch! It was SO cool. Luckily I had my hat in the truck! The firemen caught us taking a peek and even gave me badge stickers! It was SO cool.
After hanging at Nana's all day - we loaded up in the truck... Addie was not thrilled with the black paint on her nose... She thought it made her nose look big! Matt didn't sleep all day at Nana's house... who can blame him - it is more fun to play with all her toys!
We went to the Fall Festival at our new church... Mom got us all dressed in the truck and we loaded up! Addie was the best little skunk ever! She never even tried to take her head part off! Moo Moo wouldn't keep his on... guess he needed a longer nap in the truck - he was a crier all night... Mom said it was fitting... he was a cow with Mad Cow Disease! We did a dry run in our costumes at Nana's house - if she got better pics of him in his costume - I'll share them later!At the festival - they had a petting zoo... it was SO cool!
This pony was smaller than my dog!
They even had little piggies in the petting zoo... oh wait - that's not a piggie - that's my cousin Kaleigh and my big cousin Merry! Merry was dressed as the perfect wife... oh wait - that's not a costume - that's really her!
Here's the piggy I was talking about - he was my favorite! Mom said maybe I could get one someday.
OH! Look at the little black one too!
It was like 110 degrees out even though it was night time... Sissy started to look a little hot - so mom took off her hat... notice she is STILL sitting in the wagon!
This is my dad... he is SO cool he doesn't need a costume... He is a drummer - top that!
Things went south pretty quick. My Jack and I were bouncing on this cool really TALL bounce thing and they made me get off. Jack is 3 - so they let him stay... well, that just made me mad - so I kinda threw a little fit... since Matty wasn't in the best mood either AND we had an hour drive home - mom decided to call it quits... She stripped us naked (OK we had undies on) and threw us in the car. We stopped for a McDonald's car picnic with dad and then went home... Man, there is nothing like a good movie for a long drive home!
Once we got home - mom let me ring Karen and Tom's door. She told me to say "Trick or Treat". I thought it was strange - but then again - it's my mom. OK - so I said it and they gave me CANDY... are you kidding me? I have been saying it every time I get to a door since - no one else gives me candy though... Maybe Karen and Tom are just really nice! Afterwards - we put the sibs to bed and I got to hang out in my costume... mom calls this the "Calendar Edition..." She is weird - I have NO clue what that means! Isn't my hat SO cool?
After some candy, some bubble drink (mom and dad call it Sprite) and some quality hot wheels time with my dad - they told me I had to go to bed...

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