Monday, November 3, 2008

More Walks!

Now that it is actually 90 degrees in Phoenix - we have been going on more walks! Here is a shot of me and the sibs after a walk to Einstein's Bagels this past Sunday. Mom, Dad, the sibs and I walked about 1 mile to the new bagel shop! I walked the WHOLE way there and rode shotgun on the way back... Matt doesn't like me crowding his space!
Here we are tonight - as we took a little stroll around the block. Matty and Addie go stir crazy sometimes - so we just load them up and go for a walk! Matty likes the wheels... by the time we get home his fingers are black! Notice who is pulling the wagon?
Matty MaGoo with his all time favorite toy - A Link Ring... we don't leave home without one!

Sissy was being a little shy... or mad. Mom made her keep this hat on and it was cramping her style... It didn't match. Notice the bruises on Addie's head? She got this one at church - Matt has a matching one. The nursery teachers told mom that they got in a fight over a toy and wrestled for it...
Well, as I get on our way - I would just like to point out a couple of things...
1. This was MY wagon.
2. I think mom and dad had me first so the I could do all the work.
3. I vote that we harness Daisy up and make her pull this thing!

I'll talk to mom and dad about it and let you know how it goes!
(P.S. - before someone calls CPS... my mom really pulls the wagon with me... she was just letting me pretend for the pics... don't call on her - she is a pretty safe mom most of the time!)

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ocm said...

Oooohhh...Einstein's Bagels. So much yummy food I can't have all the way up here!

Great shots...and way to pull Noah!!

: )