Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Projects

Our Mom is BIG on Thanksgiving... she LOVES this holiday and not just because of the pumpkin pies and sweet potatoes.... she LOVES the idea of stopping and being thankful for all that God has given us! So, she is ALL about the Thanksgiving Day crafts....

This year she came up with a project we could ALL do together.... so we colored the parts...

We even helped each other color the parts.... and then it was time to assemble.... our very OWN giant....

TURKEY!!!! Isn't he just the greatest thing EVER? Check out those colorful feathers!

He was SUPER big and we hung him in our playroom... every night before the twins went to bed they would run over to him and say, "Nite, Nite, turkeeeeee" We were a little sad when he came down....not sure what happened to him... but our turkey dinner was AWESOME!

AND.... this was the second year with our Tree of Thanksgiving....This year mom send out emails instead of mailing out the leaves to everyone... we saved a lot of money in postage which we sent as an extra gift to our Compassion Ministry Kid... Erika! She was able to get some Christmas presents for her and her brother! This year it was MY idea to trace my hand instead of making leaves.... mom thought it was SUPER cute to see my hands all over the tree.... next year we will copy Matt and Addie's too... they are too wiggly to trace this year.

And, when mom wasn't looking... I snuck ONE Christmas ornament onto the Tree of Thanksgiving... she didn't find my tractor til we were taking all the hands down!

I am so glad we do this... it is fun to see all the great things our friends and family are thankful for!

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