Monday, December 7, 2009

Dad's Back!

Dad was gone for what seemed like a really, really long time! Mom and the rest of us surprised him with Dallas Cowboy tickets at their new stadium for his birthday! Dad got to see that HUGE new stadium and he said it was WAY cooler in person! On the day we picked him up at the airport we drove straight to the zoo to spend time with him!

Here's sissy and Moo petting something that is just about as wild as they are!

WHOO's there? It's me - Noah Boy! This wasn't a real owl... I wish it was!

In the new kids area of the zoo - they had real live peacocks walking around everywhere!

And way cool tractors to ride on! Mom and sissy liked the red one the best.

Dad was giving Matty Moo his first driving lesson!

They even have a new Little People playground that we stopped to check out... Matty Moo is the cautious one of the twinkies.... He checks stuff out carefully before going wild.

NOT sissy - mom barely set her free from her stroller and she was up and on her way down the slide tower! You have to keep an eye on her!
I decided to try out my cow riding skills... this guy was pretty tame and easy to ride.

After all that playing - we HAD to take a cheese it break....

And a time out to be silly.... We were so happy to have our dad back that we were ALL smiles.

On our way to the Tigers.... we ran into this little fellow who looked very hungry! So we gave him some of dad's kettle corn... He stuffed it into his cheeks before running off... mom said Jack's mom can do the same thing AND still talk like she doesn't have any food in her mouth! I need her to teach me that - then I wouldn't get in trouble anymore for talking with my mouth full.

As we were leaving - dad pointed up to this mountain and said - "This is where we always see Big Horned Sheep"... and then mom said - "Whatever - Gram and Dad always say that but I have NEVER seen one..." and just then... this is what we saw.

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