Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

I know, I KNOW it has been a LONG, LONG time since I have written... hey, I am 3 and a half now and I am a busy guy.... but I promise to try to keep up with y'all better.... Looks like I left off around Halloween.... so grab a drink and maybe even a snack and enjoy the posts! Here's Matty or as we have called him since he was born... Moo Moo! He LOVED being a cow for Halloween!

It was complete with a tail and all... We thought for sure that he would ditch the costume as soon as we got to our cousin Kaleigh's house... but he kept it on most of the night.

Yup! I was a firefighter AGAIN!.... When you have the BEST costume it's hard to get a new one! And, I promise that is "fake" dirt ... mom would NEVER let us walk around this dirty!

Matty Moo and Kaleigh are best buds! They really love to play together and leave me and sissy out! They love to run and chase and play ball!

Yup, a fireman playing with... what else?... a firetruck!

Sissy was a hula dancer but she was sooooo busy dancing and running and playing that she would not stand still for a decent shot....

Here's our cousin Kaleigh.... she has the keys to ALL of our hearts!

Here are the girls about to bust out a game of memory ... it will quickly turn into a game for Cousin Merry and Mom.... 50 card pick up!

Our friends Charlotte and Jack came over too and Charlotte taught Addie to sit in the baby seat! We all laughed and laughed at those two crazy girls!

Here's "my Jack"! He's one of my favorite friends... he is older and knows a lot more than me! It's fun to play with him.

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