Monday, November 2, 2009

Belated Celebrations!

The Egglets don't mind celebrating their birthdays ... no matter what month of the year it is! Auntie Penny, Chris AND Julian came over for some birthday fun! Sissy LOVED to sit on Auntie Penny's lap... but she was quick to get away too.
Looks like Julian liked my shaved head so much that he followed! Can you believe that my mom used to watch these guys when they were really little like us?

Chris liked our cell phone as much as we did. Matty Moo would NOT leave Chris' side!

Every once in a while Auntie Penny would sneak in a hug from Matty Moo - but he would be RIGHT back in Chris' lap.

Chris was teasing Addie that she was stinky. She thought this was the BEST game.

Someday I hope I am as tall and as cool as these guys!

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The Abram Family said...

Wow did you watch those big boys? You must be OLD! Ouchhh that bites because I am older than you are! Guess I'll stop talking now :)