Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting Ready for a Kathy Cole Photo Shoot!!!

CHEESEEEEEE! Yup - we are getting SOOOOOO excited to have family photos taken next weekend! There is nothing that excites mom more than pictures... and when they are by Kathy Cole... well, let's just say we are going to take advantage of her good mood!

We've all been practicing our most natural looking smiles... can't you tell?

Matt Moo is all grins and giggles when he sees a camera! Let's hope he is as spunky and cute when it's show time.

Sissy is not so sure about smiling... well, she smiles LOTS, it's sitting still for the camera that is super hard for her! And, we need to remember to NOT bring any snacks... who wants to see food?

Today Addie and I got to go visit Miss Summer to get our haircut! Mom cuts Moo's hair at home - so the two oldest got to get salon cuts! That's just life as the oldest ones...

Here's Missy Mae's new look... she got a sassy bob to match her spunky style! Mom was worried that she was going to move so much that she wouldn't be able to get a cut... but the Dum Dum and Miss Summer's ninja moves made it happen!

Here's the back of her hair... and check out the leg warmers Miss Summer made for sissy! Can you believe she cuts hair AND makes cool stuff? You can check out her stuff at

Sissy is already stressing about what shoes to wear for the photo shoot... I hate to tell her that when it is something as serious as a Kathy Cole session... mom would NEVER let her dress herself!

She's pretty set on this particular pair of pink sandals but when she finds out mom is going to let her wear her boots she is going to be sooooooo excited! Check back soon for a sneak peak or check out Kathy's blog at

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The Abram Family said...

Love her hair! Your kiddos are too cute!