Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip

October's in FULL SWING which means it is time for our annual Pumpkin Patch outing! This year was a little different... it was 100 degrees by the time we left.... mom tried to dress us in Fall clothes to help get us in the mood - but we would have rather been in our swimsuits!

As soon as we got there - Addie looks scared and Matty Moo looked bored to tears... I remembered it from last year... and I knew it was going to be TONS of fun!

I didn't waste ANY time - I went straight to the pumpkins and picked one out before they were ALL gone...

This is our dad with our friend John.... They seemed to be enjoying watching us play in the corn pit! We finally found a way to get Dad in with us... we just refused to get out... he had to come in and catch us.

Sissy LOVED the corn pit... she wouldn't sit still for one second! I think her owls loved the corn too! Mom even found corn in her diaper later!

We loved this so much we want one in our backyard.... we'll have to work on dad A LOT more before that will happen.
Matty Moo loved to throw the corn EVERYWHERE!
When they finally got us out of the corn pit - Alaina took me on a train ride! Alaina is lots of fun cuz she is a lot older and can take me on cool things and I don't have to look like a baby and ride with my parents!

I had a ton of fun posing for fun pictures...
And riding bikes on the lawn....
Racing Dad on the bike course.... bouncing on the bounce house.... and the list goes on....
Wait a minute.... what has Matt and Addie looking so stressed?
Check it out - dad is shooting tomatoes at a target! It was a LOUD gun and was pretty cool!
Oh! So close dad - better luck next time....

There seems to be one theme to all fun places.... it always has to come to an end... I pulled my famous "limp body" move - but dad is WAY stronger than I am and just picked me up... he promised we could come back again next year.

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