Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tubs and Tubs...

Matty Moo has been so bored with Addie on "restriction" from the playroom because of her Asthma that he is starting to get very creative with where he plays! Mom found him in this bucket having the best time! Looks like Matty Moo likes to have friends around!

Trying to find a way OUT....

Finally, he just plopped down and played!

Mom announced it was time for another kind of tub... Matty looks like he needs some help. And no Matt, you can't take that duck into the other tub!

Sissy isn't always thrilled at having to share the tub with BOTH of us at the same time. It is getting a little crowded now AND I think she worries that I might leave a surprise like I did in Texas...

But I PROMISE - that is behind me! Sometimes my mom can take the MOST embarrassing pictures.... This is the stinky end of Matty Moo and I. Mom said she had to take it for Auntie Ally!

Addie works really hard making sure all her babies get clean in the tub.

And Matty Moo has discovered he likes to eat the bubbles... come on, what doesn't this kid eat?

Here we are getting all soaped up for a final rinse before what mom calls the "bath time madness" begins. The babies like to have a bubblehawk just like me!

After bath time our dog Daisy likes to drink from the sink! It makes us laugh and laugh! She doesn't even have to use a stool to reach it like we do!

After bath time we each scrub our teeth! I like to brush my teeth and spit in the sink!

Mom makes us brush for TWO minutes... do you know how LONG two minutes is?!? I get so tired sometimes that I have to sit down.

We're all clean and dressed for bed. I get to stay up and play for 10 extra minutes while the parents put the babies to bed! Here's my favorite jet that I like to play with! I have to go to bed soon though because I have my final swim lesson tomorrow!
Nite, Nite!

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