Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some More July Fun!

Another day in the sun and you guessed it... sissy is wearing ANOTHER swim suit! Man, this girl has too many suits! She is the hand-me-down fashion queen!

I don't believe my eyes! My lizard Pete is hanging out on the wall watching us... he is pretty cool but I really hope he doesn't join us. I think my mom and sissy would scream!

Matty Moo is more into throwing the balls out of the octagon than he is in playing in the water... he can have our parents chasing the balls ALL DAY!

OK - I have an idea - you distract and sissy and I will soak the parents.... don't be a baby and tell on us though - you have to be a BIG kid like me and sissy...
Well, we tried but mom and dad said, "PUT THAT HOSE DOWN!" At least Matt didn't tell on us.

Ahhh, I love my little brother!

Sissy, do you see what I see? What is that in dad's hands?

Whoo Hoo! Popsicles! Looks like Matt still has his mind on soaking the parents with the hose!

Soon enough it was time to come in and dry off! We had fun with our cousins on the 4th of July but it was really crazy so mom doesn't have any pictures! She is trying to get some new video to post on here... Matty Moo can help me sing the A,B,C song now AND he can count to 10! Not kidding. Mom says that he is the talker of the family... he is super quiet and then just busts out phrases... Like the other day when we were watching the jets at the Air Force Base - Matty Moo pointed out the window and said, "Wook, I see jet." He also calls Mom "Mommy" and Dad "Daddy". It makes our parents laugh because he is the only one who calls them that. Sissy and I are too cool and just call them Mom and Dad.
Sissy is doing good... she is back on 2 breathing treatments a day for a while. She hasn't had any asthma attacks but I was sneezing a little the other day - so she has to go on prevention treatments. Her little lungs have a hard time fighting off colds and stuff so when any of us get the sneezes or a cold - she has to have treatments... she doesn't seem to mind and I love to ask her about her flash cards when she is doing them!

I started swim lessons this week and love them! Miss Meghan is the BEST teacher ever. I am getting ready to start pre-school in September and am SO excited about it! Mom says we are growing up too fast... but then other days says she can't wait until we can all get into the truck ourselves! Moms need to make up their minds!

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Kristen said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer! Wish I could come over for a visit. We'll have to Skype soon!
Love, Kiki