Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jack and Jane...

This is Jack... He is my friend. He and his sissy Jane came over to play! Man, you should have seen the house when all 5 of us were through playing! You could tell we had some SERIOUS fun!

Poor Baby Jane. Not long after she came - they put her down for a nap... I would cry too Jane - that is just NOT fair. But soon enough you can ditch that morning nap and hang with us big kids the WHOLE time!

We had tons of fun and Jack loved to hop on our chairs just like we do... Jack is super tall and can jump WAY higher than I can!

Here's little Jane after a nap and a snack! She is SOOOO little. I don't remember my babies being this little.

As the time wore down... so did we! I took a 3 hour nap after Jack left - see ya next month Jack!

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K-Mama said...

We had so much fun, Lees! Thank you! Looking forward to next time!