Monday, September 1, 2008

A Wet Week!

Well, this was a WAY cool week! On Thursday morning mom and dad discovered water coming up from underneath their wood floor. Mom freaked out like it was some kind of big deal and seemed stressed - but it turned out AWESOME because we got to go over to Nana and Papa's and spend the night! Mom, Matty Moo, Addie and I all slept in the same room ... there was a HUGE flashlight storm (thunderstorm as mom calls them) and I even got to sleep in bed with mom! Addie woke up too, I think she was jealous, and joined us! It was like a big camp out!

Mom couldn't do her normal stuff - like clean the house and laundry while we were at Nana's - so she made another tutu for Addie. This one is OUT OF CONTROL! She looks like a Prima ballerina. Nice touch - the frilly, girly girl all dressed in her tutu and playing with MY TRUCK!

It's funny. Addie is kinda unstable walking unless she has her tutu on! She walks all over the play - could be because she doesn't like to put her arms down when she is wearing it!

Here's my newest jump truck! (Monster truck). I got it because I HAVE been pooping in the potty. I have to mess up every once in a while so I keep getting surprises.

On Sunday - Mom, Dad, Addie, Moo and I all went to the BIG mall in Scottsdale to eat lunch and hang out before church. I got this new Rocket! I love it!

Here's Addie and Matty all smiles! Matt looks shorter than Addie here - but they are really about the same size - we will find out in a couple of weeks who is longer than who... we already know who is heavier.

Moo thinks my hair is so cool - he copied me.

Here's Addie sporting TWO pony tails (dad calls them horns) AND my old converse from when I was a baby!

Here's a little play-by-play of what dinner looks like with Matt and Addie... Here they are shoving carrots, green beans and bananas in their mouth... all is good right?

Poor Moo Moo - he forgets every time what is about to happen....

Sissy does the sneaky stretch...

And then leans in as if to ask him about his day...

And then WHAM - she steals his food!

"Ah Ha! Got him AGAIN!" She is a sneaky little thing.... she takes after our cousin Wyatt... mom and dad used to call him Sneaky Sam.

"Who Me? I didn't do ANYTHING!" Yah, right Missy Mae.

Moo Moo always forgives her though.... he loves his big sister.

Well, the end.... hee hee.

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Jessa said...

Seriously? How freaking cute are your kids!!!???