Saturday, September 20, 2008

Splish, Splash We Were Taken A Bath!

But it wasn't a Saturday night! Here are some pics from a recent bath! Poor mom is WAY out numbered with us... she should just give it up and get in too!

I am a really cool pirate in the tub! I love to splash and make lots of noise!

Here's Addie with my letter "B". I keep telling her that her name begins with "A" but she likes the "B" the best! Only two of us can be in at a time so there is always one of the babies in the "holding tank" as mom likes to call it... it is a play pen in the hall! Sometimes they are good and very patient and sometimes they cry... I get to choose who comes in first... today it was Addie Mae.
I wasn't so happy in this picture. I just got in trouble for splashing about 1/2 the water onto the floor... sometimes when I do this too much mom makes me get out. I don't know what her problem is - it helps keep the floor clean!
Here's Matty Moo's turn! He has bubbles all over his head. Matty Moo splashes way more than me but he doesn't get in as much trouble... I try to get him to splash lots... then sometimes we both have to get out!

We always wrap up bath time with teeth brushin time... This is my second favorite thing to do!

Here's to a clean weekend for you too!

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