Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've Been Busy!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted... I have been really busy working on becoming a big kid! Yup! That's me on my potty! You have probably read every embarrassing detail on my mom's blog at http://www.beyondthebarn.blogspot.com/ so I won't bore you with details... but... I am POTTY TRAINED... well, all except for the poopy part... I still want my diapers on for that one...

I discovered that the Potato Head earrings fit on my ears nicely! I love to act like a pirate and wear my earring around the house. Mom told me to get it out of my system now... she said she doesn't care about hair color but earrings on boys are OUT... we'll see about that one!
I have been spending a lot of time in my new big boy under ware... I have cool kinds like Lightening McQueen and Diego. It's much faster to NOT have any shorts on. I love to play all day with my hot wheels... some of them are on their side because they crash after they jump other cars!
Here's my potty sticker chart. I love to choose a sticker and pull up on my hummer to put it on my chart... like father like son!
Here's a little flash back to almost one year ago! Here's my little bro and sissy!
And, look at them now! Addie and Moo are having their first birthday in just a couple of weeks! We are celebrating a week early because Mom is reclaiming her birthday this year. They probably won't let her do that ever again!
Addie and Matt have been doing lots of firsts too... Addie can now climb OUT of her exercauser...she climbs the octagon and climbed on a chair the other day. I am going to have to help my Mom watch her! This was her first time eating spaghetti...man is she a MESS!
Now we know why Daisy is SO BAD about begging again! Looks like Moo likes to share his puffs with Daisy! He loved the spaghetti too - looks like he got more in his belly than Addie. Moo has been standing on his own and taking a couple of steps here and there... they both are starting to talk alot... Matty says, "DaDa, MaMa, BaBa (bottle) and Nana". Addie says, "DaDa, Dahzee (Daisy), MaMa, Bawwwl (Ball) and BaNa (Banana)".
Well, we had to move the cribs around AGAIN in the twins room... Addie figured out how to get a blind slat OUT of the blinds and in bed with her. She already has her crib backwards because she likes to climb. Mom said she is getting a crib tent for her birthday. Matt and Addie like the set up for now - they play and pass their stuffies back and forth.
Looks like they pass more than their stuffies too!
Real Men Wear Pink! Guess real babies suck pink paci's! Moo - you should really give the pink one back to Addie...
What's a guy gotta do to get some food around here?
Phew... finally! Just chillin' and eating a little pizza with my mom!
Nice look! I can't believe she took this picture of me!
Come on MOM - give me some privacy!

So, not cool and promise to put the potty chair away if you come to our house to visit... mom is getting desperate. I really don't like the idea of poopy in the potty - so mom made me sit for an hour the other day... I lost track of what I was doing and before you know it - poop in the potty! Mom and dad really need to get me a TV in my bathroom!
" No photos please!"
She was just kidding - Addie is a ham and LOVES to get her picture taken. This is her new tutu that mom made for her this weekend... She LOVES her tutu - she likes to dance and clap when she has it on!
Man, what would we do without mom? Dad has this whole under ware thing wrong! It goes on the INSIDE dad!
Well, I've gotta run. Dad and I are having fun just goofing around... more later.

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