Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hey! Time for a little update on my family! There has been so much going on this past week that there are tons of pics. So, grab an Oreo and a TALL glass of milk and enjoy the show!

I wanted to show you my three favorite things. My rat is my ALL TIME favorite but I can't go to bed without my rocket AND my bus too! Rocket sleeps with me but the bus stays on my dresser. I love to sleep with my 4 backyardagain guys, 5 woof-woof puppies, my plastic lightening McQueen, my large stuffed Lightening McQueen, my truck book, rocket and rat. We are going to need a bigger bed soon just for all my guys!

Here's Moo Moo doing his best impression of Farmer Ted! I think he should work for John Deere when he grows up!

This is my cousin Libby. She is in town this week with her sister Belle. We are having a ton of fun playing together but man are we all LOUD! We are getting all the grown-ups ready for Christmas!
Here's Belle. Or Bellerina as mom calls her. Belle likes to wear her crown AND dance! She is 5 and can say a really long memory verse!
Here's Aunt Whit and squirmy wormie! Addie was testing Aunt Whit to see how much she could handle. Addie isn't happy unless she's on the go!
Addie's been practicing her walking a LOT! She was all dressed up here to go celebrate Great PaPa's birthday! We had lots of birthdays this week! So here's a shout out to all of them!
I can't wait to get cake and ice cream again on Saturday at Nana's party! I have been practicing blowing out the candles! I like to help!

Before we left for a birthday celebration - Daisy needed to check Addie's hair! Daisy and Addie are great friends!

WOW - check out my new ride my dad got me! Pretty sweet huh?

I can't wait to drive it someday - in the mean time I'll let dad use my new shiny ride for work and golf.
Look closely at Matt & Addie's feet. Yup, you see it too! They both only have one sock on! They both can't stand to have both on but Moo always takes off his left sock and Addie always takes off her right one! It is funny - mom says it cuts down on laundry!
Sometimes when Addie is fussy - we tell her "Put a Sock In It!" She always laughs but we didn't think she would take it literally! Actually Sissy loves her socks so much that mom always gives her one at nap and bedtime to sleep with. Some of us like rats - some of us like socks.... it's the Egglet way.
Mom and Dad put an extension in the octagon - now all FIVE of us get in here and play all the time and it really isn't crowded! I really love my sissy and love to rub her head!
I also LOVE to kiss Moo Moo... BUT... one minute I am being nice to them and then they gang up on me!

Matty wanted the green truck I was playing with first (and this is not just my side of the story - mom was in with us and saw the whole thing - since she edits what I write - I can not tell a lie) Moo decided to try to force me to give it to him.
A little help here mom .... drop that silly camera and give me some help! I get in trouble if I push them back so I have to wait for someone to rescue me!
A few minutes later and the crisis is over. We decided to play with our singing caterpillar instead.
Do you notice anything different about our family room? Nope, the paint is old news... There is only ONE swing. Mom is a little sad, but Matt is now over the weight limit for the swing - so it looks like we only have one baby instead of two! My cool shelf thing that used to be here BEFORE they came along got to come back out and I have all these cool toys down here again. None of them are new - but I haven't seen them in a while - it was like my birthday all over again!
Sorry - Matt isn't very subtle yet... Looks like he is ready for you to go! Maybe next week I will have some pics of a new friend who should be here anyday! Miss Jaime - we can't wait!!! Sorry Ziah - your world is about to CHANGE... but you will get away with a lot more for the first couple of weeks - take advantage of it! Until next time...

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