Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whew... a Close One....

It's kinda hard to see, but I have ONE FAT LIP! I was on the couch with mom and I was crawling all over the pillows (my favorite thing to do) when I lost my footing and landed on my face! It was the first "blood" incident my mom has ever had with me and there was a LOT of blood! Good thing blood doesn't freak mom out... it bled and bled for about 20 minutes and you could even see on the outside of my mouth where my tooth almost came through above my lip... good thing it didn't - as soon as it stopped bleeding I wanted waffles. Mom got me all ready and said that I may need some stitches... weird - would she have taken me to Nana's house? She sews cool blankets... could she have sewn my lip?
After all that I just wanted some play time with my brother and sister. I have decided that if you can't beat them... join them. I love to go in the octagon and play with them now....
This is Moo Moo excited for me to come in and play!
Sissy looks pretty excited about it too!
It gets pretty crowded in here sometimes - especially when my mom joins us too!
Sometimes I have to break up fights between Matt & Addie - they both love to play with my Dino!
Moo Moo LOVES to crawl all over me and it makes me laugh and laugh!
Addie has decided that she LOVES to have her hair done and if you are daring enough to let her - she LOVES to comb your hair too! Sissy doesn't sit still for anything - but when mom combs her hair - she sits and waits until mom is all done... we could have a prissy one on our hands.
Moo Moo has 8 teeth! And he loves to show them off when he smiles... he also likes to use them on my arm which is NOT okay.
Here I am in my PJ's on my way to Nana and Papa's house last night. Daddy's work had a company softball team against another company... there must have been a lot of people and a lot of food - mom and dad took 128 buns and mom made 15 dozen cookies! Papa and I got to keep our share of the cookies though!

Well, have a great week - and remember if you are climbing all over your couch this week - to put your hands out if you fall!

Love Always~

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Jessa said...

Oh Noah, I love your playlist! My mom is going to go buy me that CD at Amazon right now! (She says I wreck all my cd's, but I just love them A LOT.) Love, Faith