Thursday, July 24, 2008

Welcome to My Blog...

HELLO! And welcome to my new blog! My mom made her first blog to talk about grown-up stuff about being a mom and about her walk with the Lord. I have slowly taken it over with updates of the Egglet bunch and I guess mom didn't like it because she made me this really cool new blog!
So, for all of you who are watching us grow up - near or far - keep checking in here to see what we are up to! You are more than welcome to visit mom's site too - she just wanted to keep them seperate for those of you who don't want to listen to her ramble about stuff other than us!
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Amber said...

Cute design Miss Lees! Noah, I hope you have fun telling your stories and sharing lots of embarassing photos of the babies!

Miss Pickle

Christine said...

Wow Noah, your Mom is pretty awesome, your new blog ROCKS!!!

Love you,
Auntie Chris

Anonymous said...

Great idea~! We love all the news we can get.


Kristen said...

Great job Noah! I bet you actually designed seems like you!



Cyndi said...

Hi Noah,

You are so lucky to have such a creative Mom!! I'll look at both blogs, I love the updates......I'm just a little older than you and your Mom, :) so it is like watching you all grow, at the same time!!!!
Love Sami

ocm said...

brilliant!! hope you have fun blogging can be a little addictive ;)

well...not like cookies

: )