Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nutcracker 2010

I know, I know... It's already been 6 months since I updated my blog. December is always crazy fun and then in January I started preschool... AND... mom's started a new photography thing. It's awesome - she now takes tons of pics of OTHER people's kids so we aren't always being shot!

Mom and Addie started a new tradition this Christmas - The Nutcracker Girls Night!

Addie got all dressed up for the event AND even carried a purse for her very own ticket!

Mom and Addie got downtown early - so they went to the top of a hotel building and checked out the scene. On the way back to the Symphony building Addie said there were lots of people singing Christmas songs on the street. Mom said Addie even stopped and danced with one of them.

Before the show - the sugar plum fairy read the Nutcracker story to the little kids. Addie sat up front all by herself. Mom said she was mesmerized by the fairy! (Also, so the pics are bad - mom only had her cell phone! Who's ever heard of a photographer without a camera?)

After the Sugar Plum fairy read the story - she took pictures with the kids... Addie LOVED her.

After the show, Mom and Addie went to Claim Jumper for a VERY special dessert. Looks like that ice cream is bigger than Addie's head!

What a great night! While the girls did their thing - dad took us to Toys R Us to check out the new stuff AND then to Red Robin for dinner.... looks like we might have two new traditions.

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