Sunday, June 12, 2011

Christmas Morning 2010

Mom got up JUST before us to take some pictures ... kinda like the calm before the storm!

Matty Moo wasted no time diving into his stocking!

Addie found her FAVORITE candy in her stocking right away!

I must have been OK this year - I got several new Thomas the Train things that I have ALWAYS wanted!

Looks like mom has lots to clean up while dad makes us his traditional Christmas morning breakfast! My dad makes the BEST breakfast ever!

Again... with the camera.... mom wanted to get us in our matching jammies... looks like this was a failed attempt too!

After a HUGE breakfast and some toy time - we went over to our Nana and Papa's house for Christmas dinner. Mom was determined to get ONE picture of the three of us this Christmas.

It's never hard to get our cousin Bri to take pics... she loves the camera - and it loves her too!

Moo LOVES to get cuddles from Bri.

I love my oldest cousin too... but she is ALWAYS trying to kiss on me... bleck!

Here's my ONLY guy cousin - Drew. He's pretty cool.

We had a great Christmas all around. It was the best to spend Christmas night with our cousins!

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