Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat...

Our mom isn't really big on Halloween... well, she's big on the candy part and the dressing up part - but that is about it. This year we were invited to go to our friend Jack and Jane's house to trick or treat on their block. Their mom does this big thing for their family with food and hanging out.... we were so excited as this was going to be our VERY first trick or treating trip!
Do you notice someone missing in this pic? Yup - that's right - ME! I woke up not feeling so hot on Sunday - and didn't want to do anything but hang with my dad and play video games.... so dad and I played Need for Speed (kinda appropriate don't you think?) while Tony Stewart (Sissy) and Jeff Gordon (Matty Moo) went without us!

Yup! Mom was as shocked AND disappointed as you in Sissy's costume choice! She wanted NOTHING to do with the glitz and glam that she normally sports.... she wanted to be just like her brothers! Matty and Addie were checking out their cool flashlights they got to help keep them safe while roaming the streets begging for candy!

Kinda looks like Matty Moo is smelling sissy... he's actually kissing her.... now, that is what you call good sportsmanship!

She may only be 2 minutes older than her little bro but you can tell by the protective shoulder hug that she takes being the "BIG" sister very seriously!

Don't fear though - sissy added a little bling to her costume... check out all those bracelets.... can you tell that she has a new hobby?

Mom asked Moo what he thought of getting LOADS of candy... well, it looks like he's pretty excited!

They were too excited to pose for a group shot so this is as good as it gets! This is Jack and his little sister Jane.... Matt and Addie came back with a TON of candy and even put some in my bucket that I didn't get to use.

On Monday I woke up feeling fine.... I insisted on wearing my costume and even told mom that I was just going to go trick or treating tonight. I was DEVASTATED that I missed the night. Mom let us all get in our costumes and took us to Hobby Lobby to get some paper for our Thanksgiving Tree project. We got a lot of looks and one kid even told us that Halloween was over...

Of course - mom got another round of photos in... and we all humored her. We LOVE to be in our costumes - so it's a fair trade.

I have to say that I am the COOLEST driver of them all... yup #88 - Junior (I know he changed his car and number but I still liked him best when he was 88).

Mom said she likes this pic... something about reminding her of a Top Gun look... I think we look like we are all heading to the pits... wouldn't that be SUPER cool?

It turned out to be a perfect day EVEN if it was a day late!

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