Saturday, October 9, 2010

Picture Day...

Well, today was picture day for the CCV Stars! Mom of course had to bring her camera and catch some shots of her own! This is the side view of my soccer pic... mom is excited to see what it looks like from their angle.

This is Preston... He's one of the oldest ones on the team and the Coach's son! Preston lost one of his bottom teeth at practice - he just pulled it out! I didn't even know we could take our teeth out...

"What mom?!?" Oh, she just wants a pic... Ugh, are all mom's this embarrassing?

This is my team... Coach Adams and all. We have become best friends... which sometimes isn't such a great thing for our coach!

Mom was laughing at what a first born I am. They only had to tell me ONCE to stand a certain way and I was frozen like that until they said I could be done.

After pics were over... we had a LONG time to wait for our game... and 8 boys, lots of siblings and too much time is NOT a good combination UNLESS.... you have POPCORN!

As soon as the coach's wife pulled out the secret weapon... we all sat down and took a break!

It's a good thing I think my sissy is the coolest thing EVER and I love to have her around me... she was the ONLY sibling who sat with the team and ate the TEAM's snack....

Matty Moo was too into swinging on the bars to care about the popcorn.

Mom says I am literally growing up before her eyes... I think it's all the milk I drink.

Here's my goofy friend Reece.... Can you believe he got all that popcorn in his mouth?

This was one of the first plays of the game... I got bumped and fell over... BUT... I got up quick. However, after that I thought it was WAY more fun to bump people over than to kick the ball...

Here's some of my guys messing around... coach had to blow his whistle and tell us to get back into the game!

Preston scored AGAIN... he's really good... he even went to soccer camp! I hope I can go to soccer camp! I bet all my friends would be there and we could eat more popcorn!

Addie and Matty aren't that into my games anymore. They had MUCH more fun drinking all of my water AND going round and round the tent poles this week....

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Jenny said...

He is getting so big!!! Just the cutest little guy ever!!!