Saturday, January 24, 2009

Back in Business!

Bet you were wondering where I have been! We have been really busy AND mom's computer finally broke after 11 years! Man - that thing was SO old and I didn't even know that there were WAY cooler and faster computers out there. Dad hooked us up and we are now back in business. Just a little warning - mom got a new "mack-daddy" camera for Christmas - so there are pictures and pictures and more pictures coming your way. But for now - I just wanted to get you up to speed on what we have been doing.

Matt and Addie (or Cindy Loo Hoo as we call her when her hair is like that) have graduated from the Octagon! They still have to go in there when mom cooks dinner or takes me potty - but for the most part - they are free birds now. It is really fun to play with them - but I still kinda get mad when they play with something I want. I am learning to share and mom says that we "NEVER push girls."

Even in the Octagon - A & M fight over toys... someone forgot to tell Addie that girls are supposed to play with dolls.

Matty Moo is doing great! He walks almost as good as Addie now and says a couple of more words... mostly he just says DaDa, MaMa, Dawzee (Daisy) and NaNa. He knows a little bit of sign language too - "more" is his favorite though!

Sissy thinks she is top dawg now and LOVES to sit at the table without a tray! She may be little but she has a BIG personality. Addie talks a lot too. Her favorite word to say is my name! She calls me when she can't see me. We love to run and then fall on the floor. It makes us laugh and laugh. Mom tried to teach her some sign language too - but every time she tries - Addie just says the word... funny girl! One that she did learn and LOVES to do is "dog". You pat your leg and make panting noises at the same time... she LOVES to do this over and over and over.

Speaking of dogs... Daisy got a GREAT report at the vet! They said that they had not seen a Great Dane this age who is so healthy and so energetic... mom said she would take the healthy part but would be OK if she would get a little more lazy.

We have been up to a ton! We went to Sedona for the New Years - we are back at Kate's Cup AND Bible Study ... we have had some play dates, and lots of just hanging out.... But, I really just want to play with my race cars right now - so I will have to write more later!

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